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H, what is this letter about... 2. Convic...

2. H Conviction... Triggered by a family drama...

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H like H O N E S T Y ... The Conviction?


H like Have Fun In Everything You Do... :)

H Conviction...

was triggered by a personal family drama!

Conviction: H was triggered when I saw my Big Sister dying in front of me in Cameroon because of a lack of value given to her Life and to my Voice...

This traumatic experience made me realise the uncovered link between micro-aggression, usual daily discrimination; and the major World Peace Problem we are facing through social, economical, political and environmental issues. I then realised that real impact starts with changing your own self thank to a method to support you in doing so, daily!

And because I am also a Kaizen (Process Continuous Improvement) Engineer, I decided to stop solving capitalistic industrial problems, but rather focus on Human social ones. And more specifically our lack of reflection, compassion and understanding within humanity, that prevents us from thinking creatively to embody the Change we need to take right now to save our species.

Honestly yours,

Adriana aka lil' Didi

H Family is happy to announce that H has been validated by TOMMOROW website as one of the solutions for tomorrow's humanity big challenges...​

Tell me what YOU think about that, and comment below...

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