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H, what is this letter about... 5. Projects

5. H Projects and Needs... Because One human alone makes no sense!

· Honesty,Social Justice,Projects

H like H O W... to make our Projects..?

How can we truly Harness our Human Hearts

and Heads for Higher peace&justice ?

How can we Honor and co-create our own History?

H Book launch... From Personal Reflexion... you can find HAPPINESS :)


H like Have Fun In Everything You Do... :)

H like H O W... to make our Projects come true?

CLICK and quickly discover the Kaizen method to achieve any dream...

H Projects and Needs...

because one human alone is not sh*t

Current Projects, Partnership and Support needs:

  1. PUBLICATIONS : H needs help for Communication, Publication, Editing, Translation, Distribution, Promoting…
  2. ACADEMIC RESEARCH : H needs help for Insertion, Funding and Networking…
  3. SOCIAL ENTERPRISE FOR US BY US : H needs help for Incubation, Partnerships, Insertion, Hiring/Contracts…
  4. POLITICAL REFORM : H wants to participate in Panel discussions, Popular Participative Education, and be inserted within existing initiatives...

1. Publications (short-term)

Writings to trigger reflection, long-term wellbeing and daily change… step by step…

CLICK: A dream is never too big or too crazy to be achieved... ;-)

2. Academic Research (short to mid-term)

You’ve said: « Divide and Conquer»? And how is that!

  • What does it mean to climb the social ladder? Is it compatible with climbing the felt wellbeing ladder?
  • How Intersectionality plays a role in conflicts and lack of sustainable and peaceful unity among “different” people?
  • How can we create accessible tools for and by [disadvantaged] people to empower themselves? And break the vicious circle of [ordinary] micro and macro oppression?

3. Social Enterprise (short to mid-term): H, Kaizen Consulting for Social Enterprise, Startups and Small Businesses, Non For Profit and Non Governmental and Governmental Organisation...

4. Political Reform (long-term): Relevant Democracy, or how to give each and everyone the responsibility and direct right on their needs, knowledge and power on the society and community they belong to...

*More information and contact by email to*

Honestly yours,

Adriana aka lil' Didi

Tell me what YOU think about that, and comment below...

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