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Honesty Musango...

A social enterprise for Peace!

Let's be methodical and use Honesty to finally reach real Peace!

· Entrepreneurship,Social Justice,Democracy

Reviewed and Improved on 05.02.17 for a maximum of pleasure....                                                                                CLIC ICI POUR LE FRANCAIS

Let's use HONESTY to finally reach PEACE...

and live with LOVE through JUSTICE !

H O N E S T Y Musango, H O N E S T Y or H, was created for personal, professional and political development, through self-reflexion on oneself…

In order to break down preconceived ideas and casual daily discrimination...

That unconsciously lies within EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US...

While preventing us all to collectively and truly step forward...

Changing our daily habits and nocive preconceived ideas, for more opportunities to pratice Love, Honesty, and Justice daily...

That is H vision for a true world of Peace.


If you are interested by these different types of complementary development, then CLICK on the corresponding links, in underlined blue... or contact H through one of the "action button" at the end of this article :)

2. Professional and entrepreneurial #LomH

----> H, Some Reflexion for Social Entrepreneurship... but with Success!

0. Philosophical, Sociological... but Practical! #HIntersectionality

---> Why I do believe that you are "scared" of the little H Musango :p

---> What is (white) Fragility

Honestly yours,

Adriana aka la petite Didi

*More info on H projects on this blog or by writting at*

Copyright (c) H O N E S T Y 2016

All Rights Reserved | Tous Droits Reserves

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